Somayeh McKian

Psychotherapist, Novelist, Researcher.

I’m an Iranian clinical psychologist by training, graduated with a Bachelor in clinical psychology, a Master in general psychology as a top-rank student, at Allamah Tabatabaei University in Iran. I also graduated from Charles University in the Czech Republic with a Master in Gender Studies.

I’m a registered and certified member of the Iranian Association of Psychologists and Consultants. After working as a psychotherapist in my private psychology clinic and other practices in Iran from 2013 onwards, I found my way to Prague in the Czech Republic. It is here that I gathered experience working with expats from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds in the English language.

My main approach is narrative therapy, using life narrative analysis as a psychotherapeutic perspective and psychological assessment with a combination of qualitative methods. In a therapeutic conversation, we edit some chapters of your life story that need more coherency and harmony.

For this I mainly use personal and online sessions, for adults and teenagers (above 14 years old):

  • Individual and couple therapy;
  • Family therapy;
  • Group therapy.

My area of expertise covers:

  • Obesity and overweight, eating disorders, body image disturbances;
  • Stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, grief, trauma;
  • LGBTQs;
  • Marital dissatisfaction;
  • Relationship and family issues;
  • Teenagers-related fields (identity issues, puberty, sexual orientation, and gender identity);
  • Focusing on personal and professional development (life scenarios);
  • Mental health on an elderly age.

I have presented my articles at more than 20 national and international conferences and published seven international articles in psychology journals. They can be found here:

I am a novelist, writing novels at age 27 and published the first one that was nominated for all Iranian literature prizes as best novel of the year 2018. Then I continued writing besides psychotherapy and published two more novels until now.


Persian: native

English: fluent

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If you would like more information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat. You can make an appointment by telephone or by sending an email to our secretariat, Coach scolaire Belgique, for the attention of the coach of your choice.

coach-scolaire-Belgique Somayeh McKian – School coach OnlineSomayeh McKian - School coach Online

Somayeh McKian – School coach Online

Somayeh McKian – School coach Online

Vous êtes coach ?

Vous êtes coach, vous travaillez à temps plein ou à temps partiel dans votre cabinet? Cependant, trouver suffisamment de nouveaux clients peut être une difficulté pour de nombreux thérapeutes. D’autres ne sont tout simplement pas à l’aise en sollicitant activement de nouveaux clients. Si vous souhaitez obtenir plus d’informations sur ce que nous pouvons faire pour vous en tant que coach indépendant, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter.

Les différents types de coaching

Améliorer mon niveau de structuration, rechercher les techniques de fonctionnement qui me correspondent et augmenter la confiance en soi.

  • Je commence à me connaître un peu mieux : Je décrypte mon profil de formation et les meilleures méthodes pour y parvenir.
  • Je décortique mon système d’organisation, ma gestion du temps et mes priorités. Je procède aux ajustements les plus pertinents.
  • Je décode et je mets à contribution mes forces pour optimaliser ma confiance en moi et mes aptitudes.
  • Je dépiste, je décortique, je discerne et je retire les barrières à mes acquisitions.