Alessandro Ingafù Del Monaco

I consult in French and Italian.

Alessandro Ingafù Del Monaco graduated in Philosophy (Sapienza) and also holds a Specialized Master in Management (ESCP). He came from Paris to Brussels to create his own company and managed a team for 5 years.

His happy experience in the corporate world was, at a certain point, cramped in the role of the entrepreneur.
He continued his training and became a Master Coach with a specialization in business and professional reconversion (AEC).
He accompanies professionals dealing with the complexity of a rapidly changing world, with a personalized approach and an informed look at work-related issues.
His coaching is also aimed at individuals who are facing difficulties or who wish to shed light on their lives.

With respectful and benevolent listening, he offers philosophical support based on the essentials of an existential situation: putting the stakes in their right place, recognizing one’s true value, choosing one’s battles, considering points of view other than one’s own, awakening one’s talents, untying knots, dealing with one’s ambivalences, approaching complexity with simplicity, trusting oneself, daring to dream.

Discernment and intuition, philosophical insight and coaching combine to open up bridges to personal and professional development, to new balances and new paths.
He is the author of the book: « Manuale di viaggio. Per una filosofia di chi parte e di chi è già partito ».

He consults in French and Italian.

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Issam Cherkaoui-Jaouad – School coach Ixelles

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